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Sodick Europe
Linear Motor Drive, Premium Die Sinker EDM


Sodick 10 year guarantee

The AL60G, linear motor drive die-sinker EDM which incorporates Sodick’s new generation SP controller with the Smart Pulse generator is now available in the Sodick product range.

The new model features Sodick’s advanced technologies and latest innovation to realise unrivalled machining performance.

X/Y/Z Axis Travel (mm)600 x 420 x 370
Table Dimensions (W x D, mm)750 x 550
Work Tank Dimensions (W x D x H, mm)950 x 740 x 450
Work Tank Fluid Level (Min. to Max., mm)150~400
Data Sheet


  • 10-year guarantee on positioning accuracy
  • Linear Motor (X/Y/Z axis)
  • Absolute Linear scale (X/Y/Z axis)
  • Ceramic components
  • Sodick Motion Controller
  • Linear motor cooling unit
  • Dielectric fluid cooling unit
  • SVC circuit
  • “SGF4” Nano-Wear Discharge Unit
  • TMM4
  • BSN4 finishing circuit
  • SP controller
  • 19" TFT colour screen
  • Intelligent Q³vic EDM
  • Remote controller
  • LN Professional AI software for optimum condition search
  • 3-side Rise and fall woank
  • Clamping chuck
  • LAN interface
  • USB port
  • Totalising hour metre
  • Work light


  • C-axis SEC10 (20 rpm)
  • ATC Unit (6, 12, 16, 32-station)
  • SCF72P High-precision rotary head (2000 rpm)
  • 40A Booster
  • Table Down 50 mm (Factory option)
  • Oscilloscope
  • Active Power Restart (UPS)
  • Automation system
  • 8-axis simultaneous control SP-E (Factory option)
  • Custom Colour